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Academy Quick Facts
Did you know?

The Franchise Fee for any Academy territory is only $50,000.

What We Offer Our Franchisees
A Commitment to a Business Partnership
As a Franchisor, we believe that a solid relationship with each of our Franchisees is absolutely critical. We believe that our responsibility is to completely train and then fully support and assist the Franchisee in their pursuit of success. We are committed to being a true partner to each Franchisee. We view this as our goal and corporate responsibility.

On-Going Support
Each Franchisee will have support from The Academy Corporate Staff, from our Regional Developers, and from our partner vendors. We have a team with decades of experience in Private Investigation, Loss Prevention, Human Resources, business operations, and education. Our commitment is to be available to our Franchisees and assist them with every question or request they may have as timely as possible.

The Exclusive Territory
We have carefully selected over one hundred counties in major metropolitan areas around the USA as Academy exclusive territories. We selected full counties as territories in order to afford each Franchisee the ability to grow their successful business into a multi-unit enterprise and thus maximize the business within the territory. This is in the tradition of the true entrepreneurial spirit.

Multi-Territory Purchase
Yes, you as the Franchisee may be granted multiple territory purchase rights for contiguous counties. This enables you to own and operate several territories at one time, as long as they are all developed simultaneously utilizing a strong business plan. In instances where territories are not contiguous yet are in close geographical proximity, multi-territory purchases may be considered with a sound business plan. The Academy will consider granting franchised territories that are not currently listed in instances where the Candidate, Regional Developer, or Franchisee can demonstrate the viability of Academy units in that county.

Academy Students
We have created a business that caters to the instructional needs of a very broad range of individuals, from elementary school and junior and senior high school to professionals, and from Private Investigators, Loss Prevention Professionals, Human Resources Professionals, Security Agents, First Responders, and Law Enforcement Officers and Agents to Business Owners, Executives, management, supervisors, staff, management trainees, and employees. This is an enormous potential audience for each Academy unit, offering a virtually inexhaustible supply of Students.

Courses of Instruction
Our courses of instruction are proprietary to The Academy. Today, there are over 120 instructional offerings. These offerings range from After School Language courses for elementary school students and junior and senior high school students to avocation-specific language instruction and adult-level language instruction. All curriculums are bound and are presented in an optimum format for ease of instruction, individual and group practice, uniformity, and maximized learning. Each is professionally written and blends perfectly with its corresponding text/work book. Each course is taught in a professional environment that is respectful, non-competitive, and dedicated to learning.

Text/work Books
We have written over 120 proprietary text/work books for The Academy, a process that is on-going as we continue to add more courses to our already expansive list of educational offerings. These text/work books are specially bound with gold foil spine stamping. Children's books have fully illustrated color covers. Expert teachers have written our text/work books, at least one of which accompanies each course. These text/work books are available exclusively at The Academy. Audio recordings accompany the second language text/work books, providing an additional element of instruction. By developing proprietary curriculums, text/work books, and audio records, we have ensured that all instructional materials for each course of instruction are perfectly synchronized!

Instructor Selection
We will assist you in identifying sources of fully qualified Instructors for each course. The success of a course is dependent upon the quality of the Instructor. We will assist you in ensuring that each Instructor is fully qualified to teach, that they have the right background and passion for the curriculum, and that the instruction will be engaging and interesting by way of the corporate Instructor Training Program that is administered through your Regional Developer. This Instructor training is in addition to your own local Instructor training that is administered before the corporate Instructor training.

The courses are designed to be taught by professionals in the subject matter being presented. All of these Instructors are available in abundance right in your own community through high schools, intermediate schools, and junior high schools. An Instructor at The Academy must have at least five years of classroom instruction prior to teaching any course here.

We are committed to helping you to maximize your Return On Investment. We make no earnings claims, because each Franchisee controls their own territory's earnings. Factors that influence Return On Investment include the location of the Academy unit, the quality of your staff, the strength of your marketing plan, and your own drive, enthusiasm, professionalism, and ingenuity.

We are equally committed to helping you to quickly reacquire your initial expenses (Return Of Investment) by way of an enthusiastic course pre-registration program that initiates upon the completion of training. Both ROI's are as important to us as they are to you!

Franchisee Training
We provide every new Regional Developer and Franchisee with a thorough two-week training session that encompasses twelve days in the classroom. Virtually every aspect of the business is covered in the training. It is our commitment that when the training is completed every Regional Developer and Franchisee will completely understand every aspect of The Academy business. You will be ready to start your business with complete confidence and run a successful business following your initial two-week training period.

Business Operations Manual
We have written and produced a very thorough Franchise Operations Manual. This operations manual outlines the methods and practices that you will need to run a successful business. Among the many items contained in the manual are: business policies, procedures, and standards, marketing details, the associate handbook, the student handbook, record keeping standards, Instructor certification standards, the dress code, documents, and much more.

In addition to the Operations Manual, we have an extensive Human Resources Manual that has a Position Description, Training Guide, and Performance Review for each staff position at each of your Academy units.

Registered Service Mark
The Academy has registered its service mark through the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C. Note the use of the ® following the service mark, denoting that this is a registered mark.

Website / E-Mail
We have designed and have a copyright for our website, and we provide each Franchise location with their own exclusive local website for each local Academy unit. You will be able to market your Academy on your own Academy website, list all courses and seminars offered, and post course and seminar schedules. We provide each Franchisee with e-mail accounts for the Franchisee and all staff members at each local Academy unit. The website and e-mail are provided by our approved exclusive vendor.

We also provide our Franchisees with access to our supply and marketing product order site. Each Franchisee orders many of their business supplies directly from this site. Business cards, stationery, marketing brochures, and a variety of "logo" marketing items are available from this site from our approved exclusive vendor.

Continuing Research & Development
The Academy Corporate Staff will continue to develop additional course and later seminar offerings (of a refresher nature) that meet the educational needs of your Students. The Academy maintains the highest standard of course development and will continue to consider additional instructional offerings that will have wide appeal, can attract a large number of Students over a long period of time, and fit The Academy's offering format.

Low Overhead and Low Start-Up Costs
Unlike many franchises, The Academy franchise start-up costs are relatively low. There are no major capital expense costs that cannot be recouped through course pre-registration required to start your business. It does not require expensive equipment, construction costs, or wait time to build a facility. Virtually all of the courses do not require licensing, so you can start generating income almost immediately through our enthusiastic pre-registration process. It is also the pre-registration process that permits you to open subsequent Academy units within your territory at quite nominal expense. Further, many courses will be conducted at hosts' training sites, which serves to reduce your annual overhead.

Also, it is important to recognize that the subsequent opening of Academy units within the territory is funded in great measure by way of course pre-registration in the vicinity of the new unit, thus negating the need to utilize funds from one Academy unit's operation for the start-up of a new Academy unit, which is a unique characteristic of our educational franchise that is of great benefit to the Franchisee.

Grand Opening Event Assistance
We place great importance on the Grand Opening Event, as this event can help you establish your business within the community and be a great resource for very positive publicity. It can bring hundreds of people to your Academy location and generate many Students for your business.

As soon as your Academy location is up and running and you feel ready to invite the entire city to visit your Academy, we will assist you with a Grand Opening Event that is sure to attract a substantial crowd.

Also, there is much free advertising associated with Grand Opening Events. This strategy is discussed at length in the Franchisee's initial two-week training session.

We are confident that each Academy unit will be welcomed into the community as a superior resource for a wide variety of professional instruction that is administered on a very local basis. Our research has shown that no one else is offering the breadth of courses, the accommodating schedule, the accommodating venues, the extraordinarily superior, synchronized materials, and the professional instruction being offered by each local Academy unit. This is classroom instruction at its highest level!

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